Basilur Tea

Teak Wooden Box

Rs 30,000.00

Experience the luxury and sophistication of single-estate black tea straight from a beautifully manicured single estate in Sri Lanka right to your teacup. Each tea leaf has been meticulously hand-rolled to produce this magnificent black tea. Each cup is brimming with handmade finesse with the luxurious taste of Ceylon's finest.

4 caddies of 60g tea in each pack in a stunning Teak box.


The Story Of Basilur

Basilur Tea was founded by Dr. Gamini Abeywickrama, an individual with decades of experience in producing and exporting the finest quality Ceylon tea. Dr. Gamini wanted to give the entire world the gift of Ceylon tea. However, he wanted to go about this in a special way. He wanted tea to become more than just a beverage. He wanted tea to become an experience.

The Perfect Gift For Any Occasion

We believe that the experience of drinking tea should be an everyday celebration and a joyous affair, which brings family and friends together. Each of our products depicts this idea of celebration, joy and togetherness. We offer a vast range of teas for every occasion, every season of the year and every personal celebration. From deep dark brews, to teas similar to the characteristics of fine champagne, the endless varieties are nature’s most precious gifts!