Europe Breakfast Tea - Assorted- 40E

Rs 2,650.00
Rs 2,650.00

01-          English Breakfast

Delightfully flavorful “English Breakfast” maintains the original blend that was made over 250 years ago. Characteristically rich and aromatic pure Ceylon black tea will give you an unforgettable tea experience. Accompany your breakfast with this tea as you enjoy it as a plain drink, or add milk to please your senses.

02-          Irish Breakfast

“Irish Breakfast” captures the zest of finest-quality Black tea collected from the beautiful higher mountains of Ceylon. Every sip will bring the joy of a complete and hearty breakfast each day. Brew as a plain beverage, or add milk to make a better version that will keep you energetic all day long!

03-          Paris Breakfast

The enchantingly romantic flavor of natural Rose and Bergamot harmonize with high-quality Black Tea picked from the best Ceylon tea gardens to create the unique “Paris Breakfast.” Feel the romance as you accompany your daily breakfast with a smooth-tasting cup of tea to refresh your soul as you start a new chapter!

04-          Grand Hotel Breakfast

Distinctive in its own character, “Grand Hotel Breakfast” is a gifted blend by our tea masters that captures the rich flavor of chocolate incorporated with high-quality Ceylon Black Tea. Savor the satisfying taste of this tea while enjoying a luxury star hotel-grade experience every morning at your breakfast table!


40 Assorted foil enveloped tea bags of 4 types packed into a cardboard box.