Basilur Tea

Asia Breakfast Tea - Assorted- 40E

Rs 2,650.00
Rs 2,650.00

01-          Ceylon Breakfast

100% pure, flavorful Black tea picked from selected tea gardens of Ceylon is included in our “Ceylon Breakfast.” This high-quality tea has a unique taste and the richness of true Ceylon tea keeps you refreshed throughout the day. Start the ideal day as you enjoy this tea plain or with milk!

02-          Indian Breakfast

“Indian Breakfast” contains the finest Ceylon Black tea harmonized with all-natural Ceylon spices, that remind the taste of the classic Masala Chai mix. This special blend will take your breakfast to a whole new level. Prepare it as a plain beverage, or add milk to enjoy a truly delightful cup of tea!

03-          Kyoto Breakfast

“Kyoto Breakfast '' is specially blended with premium-quality White Tea gathered from the best tea gardens of Ceylon incorporated with the exotic Cherry flavor. The luxury taste of this tea is favored by anyone who craves an elegant tea experience. Satisfy your senses with a cozy cup of tea to elevate your daily breakfast!

04-          Hong Kong Breakfast

Uniquely blended “Hong Kong Breakfast” comprises premium-quality Black tea gathered from the finest tea gardens of Ceylon. Distinctive in its own character, the exceptional strength, color, and thickness of this tea enhance your morning tea adventure. Ideal to be mixed with milk or, as a plain brew to keep you refreshed throughout the day!


40 Assorted foil enveloped tea bags of 4 types packed into a cardboard box.