Basilur Tea

Ginger - 25 Tea Bags

Rs 1,250.00

A robust and an exotic infusion of natural Ginger and black tea which will take you on a journey through the flavours of south-east Asia. A refreshing yet a strong palate cleanser which will warm you through the cold nights. Be inspired and lifted up with the wonders of Asian roots.


We make drinking tea an everyday celebration!

Discover the exceptional taste of Basilur Tea's everyday Ceylon Tea collection, where quality meets daily indulgence. Elevate your routine with our meticulously crafted blends, turning every sip into a celebration of flavor and refinement. Whether it's a morning boost or a soothing evening ritual, Basilur Tea transforms ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences. Savor the luxury of premium tea, every day.

Quality & Freshness Guaranteed

At Basilur Tea, freshness is at the heart of every cup. With one of the shortest lead times from plucking to packing, our tea leaves retain their vibrant aroma and flavor, ensuring an unparalleled tea experience. Our everyday collection features a variety of blends perfect for any moment—robust black teas to kickstart your day, delicate green teas for a mid-afternoon refresh, and soothing herbal infusions to unwind in the evening. Enjoy the freshest, highest quality teas that make every day special.

The Story Of Basilur

Basilur Tea was founded by Dr. Gamini Abeywickrama, an individual with decades of experience in producing and exporting the finest quality Ceylon tea. Dr. Gamini wanted to give the entire world the gift of Ceylon tea. However, he wanted to go about this in a special way. He wanted tea to become more than just a beverage. He wanted tea to become an experience.