How we source our tea at Basilur

How we source our tea at Basilur

Oct 16, 2020Basilur Tea

The exquisite and unique taste of Basilur tea is partly attributed to the high quality tea we source. So, here are some insights into how we source our tea. Ceylon tea gains its reputation as the cleanest tea in the world due to its strict compliance with EU standards and ISO where all pesticides levels are kept at their minimal levels. Also, Ceylon teas are 100% handpicked, a tradition perfected over centuries. This will make sure that only the best tea leaves are collected from the plants.

Furthermore, Ceylon tea gains its quality and range in tastes due to the different landscapes it comes from. Therefore, at Basilur, we source tea from various landscapes in Sri Lanka such as Nuwara Eliya, Dimbula, Radella, Uva, Kandy, and Ruhuna to bring you the distinct flavours that reflect the characteristics of their origin. This is made easier by the sturdy and robust nature of the tea plant which can withstand a range of climates, soil conditions and altitudes. This sensitivity of tea plants to soil, water, weather and altitude can make tea picked from different landscapes, different sides of a single estate or even tea picked from the same place during different times of the week bring various flavours. These differences are masterfully captured by our experienced tea tasters which helps them to pay attention to minor details in taste and develop a consistent product. 



We also believe that the taste of our tea depends on its freshness. That is why we reduce our lead times as much as possible to ensure that your tea arrives to you as soon as they leave the fields. To further guarantee the freshness of our tea, we work directly with the producers to understand the complexities of their produce and utilise their expertise in our production process. We have built long-lasting relationships with both our foreign and local suppliers who help us in our venture to produce the best tea in the world.  


At Basilur, we maintain a highly selective sourcing process by tasting thousands of samples and selecting only the best. A tea will only make it to your cup only if it gets through our stringent quality standards regarding colour, aroma and taste. Therefore, we can say with absolute certainty that the tea we bring you is the best tea of its kind. We always keep looking for the best teas to offer you and do not settle for anything less than the best! 


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